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"The first minute I tried watercolor paint it immediately captivated me. Of course, I have also tried various other media such as acrylics, gouache and pastels but nothing has convinced me as did watercolor paint. Watercolor is a very spontaneous and unpredictable medium. It teaches me every day that you cannot control everything in your life and that letting loose is an option. Because of its unpredictability watercolor from my point of view is indeed very difficult to deal with and therefore it constantly challenges me as an artist. Watercolor paint and water build a fascinating flow that gives me utmost freedom in my creativity. If you let loose at the right point in your creative process and 'let it flow' you will receive brilliant results that emerge completely out of your spontaneity."

Adriana Toso-Schulze


Born in 1971 into a German-Italian family residing in Northern Germany, she is now living in Mülheim/Ruhr with her family. Although addicted to music and painting from a very young age, her professional life took her into a completely different direction: she had been working in accounting and business finance for many years. At the beginning of 2014 she enrolled in a watercolor workshop and has been practicing watercolor painting ever since. In 2019 she started being a full-time artist and now works in her own studio in Mülheim/Ruhr, Germany.

Adriana developed an expressive style under the guidance of nationally and internationally renowned watercolor artists such as Elke Memmler, Jutta Höfs, Andreas Mattern, Wilhelm Fikisz and Konstantin Sterkhov to name only a few with whom she acquired the knowledge of design and the choice, handling and mixing of colors and all watercolor techniques.


Adriana is a member of the German Watercolor Society, Mondial Art Academia, the California Art League and the Louisiana Watercolor Society.

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